Thank you for financially supporting Calvary Church.  We are thankful for your financial commitment to help us bring the Gospel to our community, and for partnering with us as we labor to bring glory to Christ in West Hills and our surrounding communities.


Ways to Give to Calvary Church

As a church, we have shared biblical principles of stewardship regarding our time, our talents, and our treasure. We thought it would also be wise to have some related information available here, in order to help clarify some ideas regarding the three ways available to give to Calvary Church.

Here are the three ways to give to Calvary Church.

1. The “Old Fashioned” Way

This is where you bring your tithes and offerings to a worship service here at Calvary, usually in the form of cash or a check, place your offering in an envelope, and place it in one of the offering plates when they are passed during the worship service.

2. Online Bank Pay (via check)

For this popular method, you set up the information with your bank to mail Calvary Church a check as a payment, usually through some type of bill pay method. (Please contact your bank directly for any specifics about how to do this, as each bank has their own policies.)

3. Online Giving

This is our newest method where anyone can now make a donation online, either through this  website (which is now currently accepting online giving), or even via our mobile app (which we hope to be available very soon).

Visit the Online Giving page for more specific information about our online giving option.