Worship Service

We know that attending a new church can be intimidating.  Below are answers to some of the common questions that people often have about Calvary Church.  Hopefully, these will ease your mind about what to expect when you join us for worship.

What is Calvary like?
Attending a church, especially if that is a new experience, can be an intimidating situation.  We try to keep that to a minimum.  We strive to keep things real, casual and fun.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take Jesus VERY seriously.  When you arrive you will be greeted by friendly people. You won’t be singled out in any way publicly (i.e. stand, introduce yourself, etc.).  We want this time to be a blessing to you, not a time of anxiety!

We are passionate about worshiping Jesus. Don’t be surprised if people clap with the music or raise their hands in devotion during a song that speaks to them. We are not a formal church, so there are no routines you are expected to know and perform (standing at certain times, kneeling, etc.). When opportunities for other worship responses are presented (communion, prayer ministry, etc.) you will be instructed from the front in what you should do if you would like to participate (which is always voluntary).

What should I wear?
We are a casual church. A suit or tie is not required.

What about my kids?
You are always free to keep your children with you during the service, and several of our members choose to worship together as a family. However, we also have fantastic programs geared just for your kids that occur at the same time as our adult worship service. Our Calvary Kids ministry is led by loving adults who minister to your children in ways that are relevant to them. Additionally, each of our workers has been screened and background checked; for in God we trust, but all others must be screened! You can check out our children’s ministry page to get more information.

Will I be asked for money?
Churches are often criticized for always wanting money, and sometimes it is well deserved. While it does take money to operate a church (they are still not giving electricity away), we believe that the financial responsibility of the church is in the hands of those who consider Calvary Church to be their home.  So until that time, please keep your money to yourself (bet you didn’t expect to hear that)!

When & Where?
We worship together every Sunday morning at 10:30 am. We are located at 7115 Shoup Ave, in West Hills, CA. Visit our Times & Directions page.

We look forward to seeing you!